Anti Virus Protection

If you have a computer that has internet access, whether it is a home pc or your office network, you MUST HAVE CURRENT VIRUS PROTECTION. Recent events have proven that you must also keep your protection UPDATED. This process can be automated and you will be protected against most known viruses. Virus Protection must be installed on each computer with internet access. E-mail The Computer Guy if you have any questions about this process. NOTE: Having current Anti-Virus software installed on your computer(s) does not guarantee that you will never get a virus. It is simply the best protection available.

Norton (Symantec) Anti-Virus website



McAfee Anti-Virus website



Trend Micro Antivirus website





Microsoft Updates


The other half of Security for your computer(s) is keeping your Microsoft Operating System updated with the latest patches and critical updates. You can automate this process to keep your Windows Operating Systems up to date. You will need to install updates on each computer in your network. E-mail The Computer Guy if you have any questions about this process.



Microsoft Updates website



Adobe Acrobat Reader


This free download from Adobe Systems, Inc. allows you to view and print PDF documents from the web. It has become the business standard for on-line document transfers.



Adobe Acrobat Reader download



Java Script Download


A free download for Windows XP users that allows you to view Java scripts on the Web.



Java Virtual Machine download
  Sun Microsystems Java Virtual Machine



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